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Prevent COVID Burn-Out: Take Mental Breaks

Prevent COVID Burn-Out: Best Practice #3 for Attorneys Working from Home in the Pandemic

Take mental breaks

Taking mental breaks throughout the day is a good strategy to make sure you are setting aside time to catch your breath. There are also studies that show this can actually increase your overall productivity.1 This doesn’t have to be anything formal. You’d be amazed how much benefit you’ll get from taking a 15-minute break between client meetings. Stand up, walk around, stretch, or grab a cup of coffee. And because you’re working from home and it's easy to stay at your desk all day, try eating your lunch somewhere that’s NOT your desk!

1  https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/changepower/201704/how-do-work-breaks-help-your-brain-5-surprising-answers

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